IAEM Scholarship Commission

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Anthony S. Mangeri, CEM
Faculty, American Military University

Vice Chair

George Nunez
(Donor Representative)
Member, International Association of Emergency Managers

Term Expires 2018

Jason A. Block, CEM
(IAEM-USA Council Representative)
State MCM Coordinator, South Carolina DHEC
Office of Public Health Preparedness

Rick Cox, CEM

Matthew R. Hart, AEM
(Past Scholarship Recipient)
Emergency Management Specialist, Tufts University

Kristin Hoskin, CEM
(IAEM-Oceania Council Representative)
Crisis & EM Director, Red Iguana Ltd.

George Nunez
(Donor Representative)
Member, International Association of Emergency Managers

Courtney Ring
(Private Sector Industry Representative)
Director of Client Services, MissionMode

Jane E. Rovins, PhD, MPH, CEM
(Global Member-at-Large)
CEO & Managing Director, Disaster Reduction & Resilience (DRR) Solutions, Ltd.

(IAEM Student Council Representative)

Term Expires 2019

William Hurtes, CEM
University of Canterbury

Jane A. Kushma, Ph.D.
(Donor Representative)
Associate Professor, Jacksonville State University

Dr. Aaida Mamuji
(IAEM-Canada Council Representative)
Assistant Professor, York University

Anthony S. Mangeri
Faculty, American Military University

Scott M. Milne, ESM 
(IAEM-Global Professional Standards Director)
Response Manager-Emergency Management & Response
Australian Maritime Safety Authority
+026-279-5603, president@iaem-oceania.org

Renata Hawks
(Founder Representative)

IAEM-USA Board Representative

Ex-Officio Member

Dawn M. Shiley
IAEM Scholarship Program Director
(703) 538-3542, shiley@iaem.com


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